The Biggest Wins in Bingo History – Who Hit the Jackpot?

money-163502_640If you’re playing bingo, be it online or in a bingo hall, you will know all about its fast pace, fun nature and ease to play. Chances are the fun you have while playing it, the fantastic online community and comradery you can build with others enjoying the bingo world will be key factors to your reasons for playing. Yet if most people are honest with themselves, there is another reason that sits at the top of their list for reasons to play the game. The money you can win! Prizes are growing all the time these days, especially with so many online companies vying for customers and the national bingo game brought to you by companies like Mecca, offering lottery sized jackpots. To help inspire your own bingo adventures we have decided to list some of the biggest bingo wins of all time.

The first win on our list proves that you don’t have to go online for the big wins. At a local bingo hall in Merthyr Tydfil, long time bingo regular Christine Bradfield won a whopping seven figure sum. She scooped a jackpot of £1.1 million while playing the national bingo game, definitely one to look out for if you do stray from the virtual online bingo world and into the real world bingo halls.

Next up we have the lady who overtook Christine as the UK’s biggest ever bingo winner. Soraya Lowell from Hamilton surpassed the bingo hall win with a £1.2 million raid on another top prize in 2008. She was also another winner in a local hall, winning the national bingo games platinum jackpot at the club 3000 hall in Coatbridge. Her fortunes soon changed however, after declaring bankruptcy and facing legal battles over unpaid bills, most prominently, over £13 thousand of council tax.

Moving outside of the UK, and into Europe, Greece is was the scene of a one time world record holding win. This win showed us that the online game can smash the big bingo hall pay-outs, with a staggering £5.1 million being won by Gergios M. He scooped the then record while playing with one of his favourite online companies.

However if your are a UK player who would like a big success story from the online game, look no further than Oxfordshire resident Lisa Potter. She grabbed a whopping £1.3 million playing online, while her partner was watching the football on TV! Men the world over will be using this as an example of why the Mrs should do something else, while you kick back and watch the game.

Finally we bring you the most inspiring bingo win of all time. Not only are they the holder of the biggest ever UK win, they are the holder of the biggest bingo win of all time! The honour goes to John Orchard from Long Sutton. John won his life changing sum of money, by playing with just 30p, and turned it into a mouth-watering £5.8 million. John won his life changing sum by using online bingo company ButlersBingo. Something tells me John could afford to hire a few butlers of his own after this win. One if his first moves however was to swap his Renault Clio into a £40,000 Jaguar XF.

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