The Best Bingo Daubers – Mark Your Card!

dabbersWith all the online bingo that’s going around these days, it’s easy to forget about those classic bingo halls that are visited by thousands of people every week. Even more so now with the huge chains like Mecca making bingo a fun and fashionable night out. With more and more people venturing out to these real life bingo halls, rather than the virtual ones, having the right equipment is crucial.

One of the key tools for any hard-core bingo player is their dauber. After all you can’t just turn on the handy auto daub feature in the real world, like you can online. Using a dauber saves precious seconds that you could spend crossing or scribbling through a number. Also most daubers use water based inks, which let you see your numbers through the ink, so you can remember what has already been called.

People need to look for many different things in a dauber, be it price, quality or even how personalised the outer casing of your dauber is! The most important thing is to make sure your dauber does not run out, as that can waste time that may be the difference between winning and losing. RateBingo brings you what we think the crucial things are you need to consider when buying your dauber, and review some on the market.

Firstly you have to consider the quality of your dauber against the price paid for your dauber. You can spend less money on buying a cheap multi pack, and go for sheer quantity of daubers, in case one runs out. The problem with this is some of these packs contain daubers that do not even work to begin with, or may have poorly constructed nibs. For these reasons we would stay clear of , as by spending just a little more, you can achieve much greater reliability. Over time you will find this saves you more money anyway, as you won’t be constantly replacing your daubers.

What we would advise is going for a set of two to three daubers, costing between £2.50-£5. The best mix of quality and value we found was while shopping on Amazon. We typed bingo daubers into the search engine and found a pack of three “bingo dabbers” by a company called ClubKing Ltd. These had a 5 star review on Amazon, and everyone who used them was very satisfied. We found that they lasted for ages, and the quality of their nibs and outer casing where more than acceptable. The water based ink they use makes it easy to see your numbers, even after they have been daubed over. They really are our number one choice.

Finally you have a selection of personalised daubers, with a themed outer casing. These vary in themes, and you can get whichever one you feel reflects you best. However be careful when buying them. This is because more work goes into producing a dauber with say, a Union Jack outer casing, the price will be higher. Yet this is not always a sign that the quality of ink and longevity before running out will be better.

However you pick your dauber, or whichever price range or type you decide to go for, make sure you test all the daubers in your pack first. This is so you know you have a one that is working well before you hit the halls, and always remember to bring a spare. Happy daubing.

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