Our 888 Bingo Review – How Great is 888?

From the creators of the ever popular 888 ladies bingo, we now have 888 bingo. 888.com have their hand in many online gaming pies, and are very good at what they do. Be it their sports betting, casino or indeed bingo. Ratebingo are here to give you the low down on everything that 888 bingo has to offer.

To begin with, when you first visit the site, you will see a very simple layout. It still has the brightness and colour you would expect form an online bingo site, but it is not overly flashy. You can see a banner offering their latest deposit offer, and a list of all the rooms. As well you get to see the sites top winners, luring you in with all the money that can be had. Apart from that though the site is slick, straight forward and simple to navigate. If you want to get right down to it this is a great site to use.

Once you register your account, you start earning almost straight away. When you deposit your first £10, you get great bonus offer. Simply deposit £10 and play with £50. That gives you a nice healthy amount to start buying your tickets with, and start winning some money with. 888 Bingo also offers many other promotions on specific games, and at specific times. Card prices tend to range, but you can pick up cards for 10p and play for a guaranteed jackpot of £100 at least. Also once create an 888 bingo account, you can then use this log in for any of their other gambling areas. So if you fancy some sports betting or casino games, you can simply just log into those with the same details. They also have some great offers on these also, that are well worth checking out.

The different types of bingo offered by 888 bingo are the traditional 90 ball, 75 ball and the fast paced high five. This is a game where you have 5 different chances to win, with the use of various patterns. They include vertical and diagonal lines. The more lines you make, the bigger the prizes on offer. You also get to play video slots, instant slots and video poker. Team bingo is also offered from 888 bingo which really helps to boost an already fantastic social side to this site, but we will discuss that more later.

The payouts are decent, and quite consistent. They have regular jackpot boosts, and the money offered tends to be bigger at weekends. 888 Bingo also offer some massive progressive jackpots, so make sure you look for the rooms offering these if you want the big bucks, but more competition. Card prices tend to range, but you can pick up cards for 10p and play for a guaranteed jackpot of £100 at least. During weekend boosts that will go up to £1500.

Socially 88 bingo are fantastic. As we alluded to earlier team bingo I regularly available and specialist chat game also take place. These are played to earn loyalty points within the site, in the same way other online bingo sites have loyalty programs. The chat hosts never stop chirping, and they make sure the atmosphere is always positive and bouncing, happy to give advice, and really welcoming to new players. The online support offered up is very good, as you would expect from a company of this size. You get 24/7 live online support and also a UK free phone number which can also provide help 24/7.

In summary, 888 bingo really lives up to its big name billing. It has a nice first deposit offer, even if it is not the best on the market. The rooms offered, and variety of game type, combined with its simple interface and constant promotions, are reason alone to get an account with these guys. Add to that its great customer support and online chat rooms, 888 bingo Is a great place to mark your cards.

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