How to Win at Online Bingo – Give Yourself the Best Chance to Win!

bingo-159974_640Here at RateBingo we take pride in reviewing online bingo sites to offer you the best value for money, biggest wins, friendliest online communities and so much more. Playing bingo creates a totally unique type of fun and enjoyment, but there is nothing better to boost that feeling than getting some wins under your belt. After all who does not love to make a bit of money while doing something they really enjoy? In this article we hope to give you some great tips to help you go from a bingo novice, to an online bingo pro, ready to take advantage and make some big money.

First things first, bingo is a game of chance. The numbers that you are looking to cover in order to complete your lines or patterns are generated completely randomly. You can have no control over this. However you can make sure that if the chance to win arrives you are ready to take it, and that you know what you are looking for.

Our first tip is a basic one, but it is also crucial. Make sure you know what it takes to win. There are a lot of different types of bingo game, so make sure you know which one you are playing before you go into it. It’s no good looking for lines if you need a pattern to win and vice versa. Make sure you know your game inside out.

The next tip is to play as many cards as you can at once. Although more cards will cost more money, obviously the more combinations of numbers you have the higher your chance of winning. However it is crucial to know your limits. You need to be realistic with yourself and only have as many cards as you can cover at one time. If you have too many then you will end up hurting your chances rather than enhancing them. As you gain more experience you will cope better with handling multiple cards. There is no worse feeling though than missing out on covering a number because you are distracted by the sheer volume of cards you have. Be honest with yourself and build steadily. The multi card strategy may work with a few online companies still, but in general now the problem you will face is that most online games insist that all its players have the same amount of cards. Therefore negating that advantage, however if you do get the option of playing multiple cards, then take it! You may find with some sites like Jackpot Joy that you can activate an auto daub feature, meaning you will never miss a number, and can have as many cards in play at once without fear of missing a number. Make sure you know this is an option though before you buy your cards.

If no auto daub feature is available the principals we just talked about will remain the same if you are covering two cards or twenty, and that is to be alert. Make sure you are covering your cards thoroughly and not letting your mind wander too much. If you are serious about winning you need to combine the fun you will be having, with staying focussed on your numbers.

Our next tip is more on how you can win big money, rather than practical tips to just win, and that is looking out for progressive jackpot sites. Sites offering this basically add a portion of every player’s ticket price to the jackpot. So therefore the more players online, the bigger the jackpot will be. Look into playing at peak times, usually late afternoon to early evening, and pick your site accordingly. Make sure you look at how many players are online, before you get your ticket, this way you can make sure you are choosing the correct progressive jackpot site. You can learn more about the best sites for this type of win by reading our bingo site reviews.

Finally there are those who look to mathematical theory and probability in order to win. This type of technique can be similar to counting cards in blackjack, These theories are complex, seldom proved and can be more damaging than anything else. However one theory we found relatively safe, as long as you take it at face value and not expect it to turn you into a winner every time, comes from mathematical strategist Joseph E Granville. In basic terms, Granville believes certain patterns can emerge in random number draws. For example in a classic 90 ball bingo game the possibility of any number being drawn to start with is 1 in 90. After this the odds of certain number being drawn decreases as there are less viable options left. As this occurs certain patterns appear, according to Granville and his research. Such as the same amount of numbers ending in a 1 will emerge as number ending in a 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or 0. The same theory applies to odd and even numbers as they generally appear in a pretty even spread. So once a number ending in a 1 has been drawn, the chances of getting another number ending in a ‘1’ decreases slightly, so you don’t want a card full of numbers ending in a 1 or a 2 etc. All of this basically applies to how you select your cards, and leads to our next tip.

Always try and chose to select your own cards, rather than allowing the computer to randomly generate them for you. The trick is to select the widest range of final digit numbers as you can, as this increases the cover you have over final digits giving you a better chance. However this is by no means a nailed on theory, it is just designed to increase your chances. Try combing this tip with our multi card strategy we discussed earlier. Give yourself multiple cards, with a wide spread of different final digits and a good spread of odd and even, then throw in an auto daub feature and your well on your way to being an online bingo pro.

As we stated at the start of this article, bingo will always boil down to being a game of chance. Some days you will be drawing all the numbers ending in 6 or all the odd numbers. These things just happen. All you can do is try to increase your chances, and improve your win rate. You can never guarantee success. Most importantly remember that if you are playing seriously, take a game or two every once in a while just to have some fun. Don’t worry too much about your cards, and just chill out and enjoy the fun that bingo has to offer. It is one of the worst things possible to go into any game that makes you happy to start with, and end up killing your love for it by overly stressing on decisions and how your luck falls. Good luck, and enjoy everything online bingo has to offer.

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