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cropped-4789356849_e94d6b345a_o.jpgThe game of bingo may conjure up images of a traditional old game, played in local town halls in generations passed. Still a thriving party game and social activity, in person is not the only way to play, and with the addition of the internet, the modern bingo world is here!

Online bingo has revolutionised how we think of the game of bingo, harnessing and promoting its many positives, and negating any negatives and poor stereotypes. The positives of the game have always been its accessibility, and ease to play. Anybody can play bingo and enjoy it. There are not lots of rules and regulations to learn, like say with poker. It is also incredibly fun and fast paced. The thing with bingo is there is always another chance to win. Then add in the online marketing that really brings bingo to the fore, the bold and fashionable sites that revolutionise the image of online bingo. By paying online, bingo becomes even simpler and more accessible than ever. Online bingo also has millions of players world wide, meaning it creates a fantastic community for you and your friends. Most online sites will have a chat facility allowing you to play with your friends, or meet new people and create your own unique and fun atmosphere. All of this can be achieved from the comfort of your own home. Then lets not forget one of the biggest draws of bingo. YOU WIN MONEY! A fun, simplistic accessible online game, that you can enjoy on your own or with a huge online community. All the while with that potential to win big bucks. What’s not to like about that?

First off lets talk about the basics. In bingo you receive a card with numbers on it. The size of this card and amount of numbers on it varies depending on what type of bingo you are playing (we will discuss that later). For example with traditional 90 ball bingo you would get a ticket with 27 squares. They would be arranged as three lines of 9 squares, each line having 5 numbers and four blank spaces. The “caller” will then call out numbers that are randomly generated. If a number is called that you have on your card, you mark off your number. The aim is to mark off enough numbers to allow you to get one of the winning combinations your type of bingo is offering. For example if playing 90 ball you can win by marking off or “matching” One individual line, then two combined lines and finally marking off all three lines on your card, known as a full house.

Most of that is pretty much common knowledge amongst most people, but what you may not know is that bingo actually has many different versions you can play. It is not all just shouting out line and house. The beautiful thing about that is that they are all so simple, and more game types gives you more chances to win, and more chances to master the art of online bingo. The main game types are as follows;

90 Ball Bingo

Your traditional bingo game, and the most popular in the UK, we touched upon this version earlier. It is played with a 27 square card. You have three chances to win with 90 ball, which is one of the reasons it is so appealing. You can win by marking off one complete line, then again by marking off two lines and finally by marking of all three, and getting a full house. The jackpots for each way of winning usually increase, with more money being offered depending on how many numbers you need for that particular combination. For example the jackpot paid out for a full house would be more than you will receive for winning a line.

75 Ball Bingo

This is the most popular type of bingo across the Atlantic in the USA. It is also sometimes known as pattern bingo. Your card is arranged in a 5×5 pattern, giving you a total of 25 numbers. To win this game you have to match a specific pattern, depending on that particular site. The pattern is predetermined before the game. Some games can offer multiple patterns, in the same ways 90 ball offers different line wins.

80 Ball Bingo

Basically the same as the other two games, 80 ball bingo is played with only 80 numbers, and the cards are arranged in 4 lines of 4 numbers. Given you a 16 number card. The winning combinations for 80 ball are lines, or a full house. Some bingo sites also provide prizes for 2 lines and three lines.

30 Ball Bingo

Fast paced and frantic, 30 ball bingo is also called speed bingo, and it shows. This is one of the versions that I find to be most fun, and by speeding up an already quick paced game you guarantee excitement. Designed for people with a love for the game, but with less time, you only have a 9 number card displayed in a 3×3 grid. Winning is simple, first person to cover al their numbers wins. No patterns or lines on this one.

That concludes our basic introduction to the online bingo world. Check out the other articles on our site to find out how to get started with online bingo. These will include lists and reviews of the best free bingo sites, the sites with best payouts as well as reviewing the size of the online community and how friendly they are. Now that you have the basics, the next best thing to do is get playing some bingo!

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