Heart Bingo Review – Promotions and Offers

Heart radio is a well known name, owning to the fact their popular radio station is broadcast nationwide. Heart realised that their target demographic where the perfect people to target a bingo site at, and heart bingo was born. Knowing that you have a large company name behind any online bingo site automatically gives you a feeling of security. You know they can be trusted.

When entering the site you straight away see the same logo associated with the radio station, letting you know your in the right place. You get a welcoming, friendly community driven feel straight away, and the colour scheme is very bright and welcoming. Its homepage is easy to navigate and you can see all the offers and bonuses being flashed around the screen, through a selection of eye popping adverts.

Heart bingo gives you a fantastic 200% welcome bonus upon registering with the site. Meaning if you make your first deposit of £10, you will be having £30 to play and buy your cards with. The bonus you get from Heart bingo is not as good as some of the other big names in the online world, but they are only just starting out, and the bonus is enough to entice you in to take advantage of some of their other great features. 

The promotions at Heart bingo are as friendly and welcoming, as the site itself. At the moment they are running a free bingo hits promotion. Meaning if you log on to the site between a certain time, usually peak hours, you get to play in free rooms for cash prizes. You also get giveaways for things such as holidays away,the fantastic super links. This Game runs between 8.30am and 12.30am every day and offers £100,000 in full house jackpots every week.

Moving on to the type of games offered at Heart bingo they bring a great variety. Heart can give you 90 ball, and recently 80 ball games. You can get great cash prizes in multiple rooms, and big progressive jackpots.

The slot variety is not huge, but the fact Heart bingo is branching out into it shows they are eager to really progress their site to match the established bingo names, and realise what is important to players. We really enjoyed the double bubble slot game, and Tikki Island slots. Plus the scratch card shop offers you quick, snappy and rewarding instant wins for people who don’t want to wait around.

The community at heart is great in game. Heart seems to attract players that are very friendly and more than wiling to help, so you always get a great atmosphere in the rooms. They do lack a dedicated community area, and the chat in game can be very self driven.

Support comes in the form of a telephone hotline, and email support. They have some work to do, in order to keep up with other sites. There support is good, and efficient but needs more to it, and more options.

Overall Heart is a great up and coming site. It is a very friendly atmosphere and a great site I would recommend to any beginners in the online bingo world. If you also have less of a competitive edge to your bingo play, then this site is perfect for you. The bonus is more than enough to get you on board, and the constantly updating promotions is a huge strength. Finally slots games that can see people winning nearly £5000 definitely get our attention. A solid site, that is moving in the right direction. 7/10

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