Foxy Bingo Review – Is one of the Best Bingo Sites?

Chances are if you have played, or even heard of online bingo in the UK, then you will have heard of Foxy Bingo. They are one of the most trusted and popular online bingo sites going. Having been going for nearly 10 years, you know that you are dealing with possibly the biggest name in the online bingo game, and that just screams trust and reliability. They use many advertising campaigns and social media to create a site that as a true uniqueness, and its own identity. Ratebingo fills you in on one of the best all round bingo sites on the internet.

Sign Up to Foxy Bingo for £50 Free when you deposit £10

Most people will be more than familiar with the foxy bingo logo, and they use that throughout their homepage with their famous bright purple colour scheme. A moving banner at the top offers you news on the latest sign up offer, and big jackpot rooms. You also get to see the rooms open and what jackpots they offer, plus a unique twist. They have a big advert promoting the “Foxy Family”- the social side of Foxy Bingo. This will tell you social interaction is big to these guys, and we will talk about that later.

Moving on to what you can expect to be offered if you sign up for a Foxy Bingo account. A lot of sites give you free money to get to know their site and Foxy is no different. They will give you £5 straight away. You can use this to get to grips with the site, and find some rooms to your liking. Once you decide to make your first deposit Foxy Bingo up the game a little bit on their competition. A lot of the big online bingo sites let your play with £50 if you deposit £10. Foxy go one better though The offer a 500% welcome package, This means when you out in £10 you get to play with £60. This trumps the majority of the competition by at least £10. You also get tons more offers and promotions on bingo and slots, that really are some of the best offered on any online site. Specialist games, guaranteed jackpots and prize draws are all to be found on Foxy Bingo. You can check them all out on the promotions tab at the Foxy Bingo homepage. One of our favourites was the topsy turvy bingo. For an entire week in this game the biggest prize was offered for 1 line, rather than a full house. It definitely spiced things up in those games, and got the room buzzing!

Foxy offer you traditional 90 ball, and 75 ball bingo games. Ticket prices range from 5p up to £1, and you can win some big jackpots. Be sure to be on the lookout for the big games offered by foxy, as they can turn a big profit for players. The best thing about foxy though is the consistency of the wins. Never before have I found a bingo site that offers more chances to be a winner. Be it the daily prize draws, slots, free give-away promotions, it is common to find yourself winning at Foxy Bingo. The best one we found was the 1tg and 2tg jackpots. This basically means that, in certain games, if you have one number left to mark off or two numbers, you still get a percentage of a prize pot, offering a little extra for those players who go oh so close to landing the big one.

On top of all that Foxy also has simply put, the best mobile and tablet gaming on the market. High praise considering the strength of some of the others, but foxy bingo’s is multi-award winning. Once you download it will be easy to see why that is. Simple to sue while still being bright and fun, you lose none of the strengths offered on their internet site. So you don’t need to worry about leaving the sofa if you fancy a few games on your favourite bingo site.

Foxy does not just stop the outstanding offers and game play with their bingo though. The slots and casino games are some of the best I have seen. You get huge progressive jackpots on these, and Foxy are always changing the offers to best suit their customers, and coming up with new deals to keep things interesting, One of the ones we found most fun was the instant win Millionaire genie jackpot, with a jackpot win on offer of £722,750!! ¾ of a million is not a bad prize to be going for. Foxy also has lots of Casino bonuses to make the games more enjoyable, so be sure to keep on the lookout for them.

Now it is hard for foxy to have one exceptional area of their site, because the overall package is so strong, but if it has one, it is their social side. Not only are their chat moderators some of the best around, constantly keeping the room buzzing and welcoming the newcomers, but foxy go the extra mile. They offer you a newsletter with the latest deals, and winner’s stories. They have foxy TV, which has specialist nights such as sport night. This gives you the chances to enter special games, win unique prizes such as match tickets, and keep up with the scores. Social Media is massive on Foxy Bingo and the sites Facebook and Twitter keep you updated with everything that’s going on, be that promotions or big wins. Add on the fantastic support for Breast Cancer Campaign, the Foxy Bookshelf and much, much more, being a part of the foxy family is simply the best social interaction for any online bingo site. If social is key to you, then Foxy Bingo is a must.

In summary Foxy Bingo is strong in all areas. It has great jackpots, it is easy to navigate, rooms are plentiful and run all round the clock, plus the variety of slots and games are massive. Add to this the fantastic sign up offers and constant stream of promotions, plus the regularity of winners and you have a really complete site. The social side as we said is the best around and you will feel really involved, even as a newcomer. The only slight negative, is the customer support. The helpline is great, but replies to email can sometimes be a little sluggish for such a big company. The site is so seamlessly run however, that you will be very unfortunate if you ever have to find yourself needing customer support. Chat hosts answer most questions and they have a very thorough FAQ page that covers just about everything. Foxy’s strength is that although they have been going for 10 years, they are always evolving and coming up with fresh new ideas, they have been at the top of the game for a long time now, yet never rest on their laurels. Simply put this could be the best online bingo site we have come across, an outstanding 9.5 out of 10, and our highest recommendation.

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