Bingo Australia Review – One of the Top Aussie Bingo Sites

When talking about Australian bingo sites, where better to start than with Bingo Australia. With over 5 years of history behind them, you know this site is here to stay, and it means business. Like many Australian bingo sites it has a very in your face, and exciting layout with lots of things going on. From the cartoon Koala they use as their logos, to the various moving ads on the page, there certainly is plenty going on. While some people may find this a bit much, I loved it. The ads may be bright, but they make sure you do not miss out on any of their fantastic deals, or big money jackpot rooms. They are as much informative as they are flashy, and they definitely are a positive for giving new comers information about what is going on.

The beauty of Bingo Australia, like many online bingo sites nowadays, is that once you sign up, they give you some free cash to play with. You get $20 straight away to buy your cards, so this is perfect for you to have a really good look around their site, see if it fits the bill for you and hopefully win a bit of cash. When looking for bingo you will find both the 90 ball and 75 ball pattern bingo versions on offer here.

Their deposit scheme quite simply is one of the best around bar none! They offer a huge 600% on your first deposit, but it does not stop there. You then get 400% on your second deposit! Pretty great, right? I mean how can that be topped? I’ll tell you how, by giving you 300% on all deposits after your second for life! On top of that fantastic offer you get 20% of your deposited amount back every Friday! So for example whatever you deposit into your account between Friday and Thursday the previous week, expect to see 20% making its way back to you on the Friday! Terms and conditions do apply to the 20% back offer however, so make sure you check them out carefully on the site. Even if you cannot qualify for the 20% bonus the deposit bonuses easily make this one of the very top Australian Bingo sites.

It also has some huge progressive jackpots on offer, giving you the chance to win big cash, and loads of special rooms like the after work room, and special jumping jackpot sessions. Socially Bingo Australia is also very strong. All the users seem very friendly and up for welcoming new users. The live online chat service makes sure that any questions you may have can be answered quickly, and safely. Knowing you have this fantastic 24/7 customer support really is a huge comfort, and you can also email them any questions or issues that might crop up. Plus Bingo Australia really take the building of online community very seriously, as they offer a big jackpot team bingo on the weekends. A great way to make life long online friends, and win the huge money Bingo Australia offer on their team games.

If you enjoy other games while covering your cards, you can take advantage of a big range of slots, scratch cards and lotto based games. Play these during your bingo, or totally separately if you feel the need to give them your full focus. Simply put our highest recommendation for Australian bingo sites.

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