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bingo-159974_640The big online bingo sites with big prizes and big fan bases can be a competitive and unforgiving environment. So it can be best to start on one of the many free sites. In this environment you can play and get a feel for the game, get used to how to win, get used to the online interface and just make you feel more comfortable. This is not to say that once you start playing for money the game suddenly changes and becomes nasty, far from it. Bingo is famed for its online community and chat rooms, and the mass of friendly interaction between players. However it never hurts to get grounding before setting out on a new hobby. Especially if you plan to lay down some of your own hard earned cash later down the line.

In this article we will recommend some of the best free to play online bingo sites. It is important to remember that some of the big sites that do run a cash deposit bingo service, where you play for real money, also offer free online versions which don’t require a deposit. You will still need to sign up and create an account, but you can play for fun, absolutely free. We will include these sites in our recommendations, as they offer some of the best services. Plus this also gives you an account already for when you do feel ready to deposit some cash, and play for money.

BET365 Bingo

I am starting the list with one of my favourite online bingo providers full stop, let alone for free games. We will discuss the amazing bonuses and deposit offers bet 365 give you in our specific review, but the free service offered rivals that. Once you have registered your account, you can play in a free lobby without depositing a single penny into your account. You can even win money in the free room, without any risk! The returns are not massive, but it is hard to grumble when you’re not having to invest anything, and who can argue with a £50 jackpot. You also get the bonus of being able to keep the same log in that you may use if you already have a gambling, or casino account with bet365

All you need to do is open the bingo lobby and look for the room called “Welcome Party”. The chat service is really friendly, and they are very welcoming of beginners. You can select all sorts of quirky little things to improve your game, like the type of dabber you will use and the colour ink. It has the perfect learning environment as it gives you a fully realistic set out of an online bingo site, while remaining friendly and inviting. It also has the auto dab feature available, and allows you to purchase up to 12 tickets at once, so newcomers can relax as the computer does all the work. This leaves you time to acquainted with the layout of the site. The perfect free bingo site.

Bright Bingo

Bright bingo does not offer a completely free room as such, but it does give you £2 totally free. This will allow you to have more than a good look at what bright bingo has to offer. You can get a wide range of ticket prices with some starting at 1p, and these are the ones we would recommend purchasing with your free money. That way you can get lots of cards in, while getting a feel for the site. It has a very bold layout with lots of things going on, but does give you a really good grounding in how the online game works.

The only disappointing thing I found with Bright Bingo is that to get access to the totally free rooms, you need to deposit £5. Now you may well end up playing your paid bingo on this site given all their fantastic sign up offers and bonuses. To read more about these offers and incentives you can check out our Review. For me though I would prefer that service to be offered before deposit. So although you do get free bingo of a fashion straight away, it is only limited to that £2 limit, before you have to deposit to get more free bingo. It does have so many great things going on though, with the slots, scratch cards and other ways to win money, all of which you can do while playing your cards. You will want to seriously consider taking your bingo game to this site, which is once you have gotten the feel for it by using the free money on offer. Well worth checking out if you know you are looking to get into the paid game later on.

King Jackpot

Maybe not a household name, but King Jackpot is great as you need no deposit, or entering of card details even, in order to get playing online bingo. King Jackpot will offer you £20 to roam around their site, and try and entice you in to parting with your cash in order to win big bingo prizes. The great thing is that relatively new sites like this will be tripping over themselves to get you to play with them. This is so they can start to rival some of the big names in the bingo and online gambling world.

King Jackpot does require you to download the game, which can be a downside, but it is 100% safe and is well worth it for the free £20 on offer. Once this happens you are met with a sick and cool looking interface, which rivals the most established names in the online bingo trade. Check out King Jackpot for a great alternative to the big boys.

Jackpot Café

Very similar to King Jackpot, these sites are run by the same company. They require a download just the same, and have a very similar interface, all be it with different colourings. However this is no reason not to take advantage and still get your free £20.

Just like before you need no card details or deposit in order to play and get your free money. You also get an online advisor at the start, who makes sure you do what is needed in order to get your free £20 upon sign up. In the long term these sites may struggle to take your full time paid online bingo custom, however for a beginner looking to learn, they are perfect.
All these sites are really great at delivering free bingo tutorials, and also try very hard to give you offers so you stay them full time. That being said there are lots of great, and indeed better deposit and paid bonus bingo sites on the web. Check out our other reviews and top bingo sites lists, to find full information and recommendations on these, as well as easy navigations to the sign up pages. Ratebingo makes it easy for you to find the best online bingo games around, and even easier to get signed up and claiming those fantastic bonuses.

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