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australian_flagI don’t think it will come as a shock to anybody to know that bingo is spreading all over the world. Online companies are popping up all over the place like Scandinavia and South America. Another place where the game is going big is in Australia. We here at ratebingo are dedicated to bringing you specific reviews and deal for all the internet top online sites. However if you want to get a quick list of the best Australian bingo sites for you to play on, we give you our top three, and give you a quick rundown of what makes them so great. We base our list on all things bingo players look for in a great site. Be it the sign up offers, deposit bonuses, what the online chat is like and everything in between. These are who we would pick out when looking for the best Australian bingo sites.

Bingo Australia

When talking about Australian bingo sites, where better to start than with Bingo Australia. The beauty of Bingo Australia is that once you sign up, you get $20 instantly. This is perfect for you to have a really good look around their site, and get to know the type of games that they offer.

Their deposit scheme quite simply is one of the best around bar none! They offer a huge 600% on your first deposit, but it does not stop there. You then get 400% on your second deposit! They go on from there, by giving you 300% on all deposits after your second for life! On top of that fantastic offer you can qualify to get get 20% of your deposited amount back every Friday! Terms and conditions do apply to the 20% back offer however, so make sure you check them out carefully on the site. Even if you cannot qualify for the 20% bonus the deposit bonuses easily make this one of the very top Australian Bingo sites.

It also has some huge progressive jackpots on offer, giving you the chance to win big cash, and loads of special rooms like the after work room,and special jumping jackpot sessions.

From a social sense Bingo Australia is also very strong. All the users seem very friendly and up for welcoming new users. The live online chat service makes sure that any questions you may have can be answered quickly, and safely. Plus Bingo Australia really takes the building of online community very seriously, as they offer a big jackpot team bingo on the weekends. A great way to make life long online friends, and win the huge money Bingo Australia offer on their team games.

If you enjoy other games while covering your cards, you can take advantage of a big range of slots, scratch cards and lotto based games. Play these on their own, or during your bingo game. Simply put our highest recommendation for Australian bingo sites.

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Aussie DollarBingo

Aussie DollarBingo is really starting to grab our attention as an online bingo provider. A funny, friendly vibrantly laid out site, it really grabs the eye from the start. Nobody would blame you for being drawn into it, after all it’s why they make it look the way they do.

Once you have an account you will be met by some fantastic sign up offers. They offer the same bonus package as Bingo Australia, giving you a 1000% welcome package. This breaks down the same as before and offers, 600% on your initial deposit, 400% on the next and finally 300% on every deposit made after that. They also have many other great offers, which are available on a day to day basis.

Like many sites they give you some money to get playing with straight away, and with Aussie Dollar Bingo that amount is the customary $20. With plenty of cheap tickets on offer for as low as £0.1/card, you can get plenty of fun and experience on this site, before the money runs out.

After you get set with your account, it’s time to start heading into the rooms and exploring. You are going to find this site packed full of that famous Aussie humour and banter. Their chat room hosts are unique to say the least and will provide hours of fun by themselves, let alone with the bingo games going on.

This site gives you bingo at all hours, and rooms that cater to all tastes, experience levels and depending on how much you want to pay. Rooms on offer include a huge high stakes $25,000 jackpot room, which became one of our favourites, and loads more. You can even play in the free ‘candy room’ between midnight and 6pm every day.

Aussie DollarBingo gives you some great customer support, to compliment the great bonuses and bingo rooms. You can report issues via the live chat service, emails support, support tickets and over the phone.

One big factor these days with online bingo is what the site you’re playing offers you outside of your regular game. The ‘pokies’ Aussie Dollar Bingo Brings to the table are very impressive. You can play these on their own, or as a mini game during bingo. They have slot machines and all other manner of games. They offer really big jackpots with them, and the really great thing is they offer the same types of bonus days on these games as you can get on bingo. Another very strong offering that is well worth having an account with.

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Bingo Hall

March promo, Drive the Prize

The final site on our top three list of best Australian bingo sites are the 13 year veterans, Bingo Hall..To start with Bingo Hall is not as vibrant and bright as its Aussie predecessors; we talked about on this list. It has a much more professional and slick look to it. It seems to cry “this is serious business” and that is exactly what you get form the get go. The tabs in the site allow for a quick and smooth navigation between rooms, and games. You can easily and quickly view your balance and make deposits, plus you have a tab that gives you instant access to 24/7 live online support.

Their free sign up bonus beets the other two Australian sites also, by offering up $25 free for you to spend within Bingo Hall. Once you have decided to start playing with your own cash, and come to make your first deposit, you will be suitably rewarded. You get 550% boost on your first deposit, which will make sure you have plenty of bingo left once your $25 runs out.

When you move to get started to explore Bingo Hall you will quickly realise there is some HUGE money to be had for this site. There are plenty of rooms and this site can truly back up the claim that it offers bingo games 24/7, and with all variety of prize levels and card prices. Banners at the top of the screen cycle through telling you some of the massive prize funds on offer in the various rooms, and above that a header board promotes some fantastic special month long offers. Another thing that lets you see just how serious the winnings on this site can be, is the list of monthly earnings by its top players that runs down the side of the homepage. We saw a list of 10 names, none of them with winning under $40,000. You really are in the right place for big cash.

The best promotion I found on the site though was their mad Mondays! On Mondays if you deposit less than $100 dollars into your account, you will get a cracking 250% bonus. That’s not all though, if you deposit over $100, you get an insane 400% bonus! Now remind me again why nobody likes Mondays?

Next up we need to talk about the other games on offer at Bingo Hall. They have some really big money slots on offer, and seem to offer much bigger cash incentives, more consistently than the other two sites on our list. You can also get stuck into some online video poker.

Socially this site does not give you the same fun chatty atmosphere as Bingo Australia or Aussie DollarBingo, as they both really excel at this area. However the environment is still extremely friendly and you are safe to learn in this environment, even if it does house some serious bingo players.

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This list is just the tip of the iceberg with Australian bingo sites. And our personal three favourites. Many of the biggest name sites in the game now will happily convert to Australian dollars, or many other currencies. You can see plenty of other reviews for the best online bingo sites, by checking our lists, and other articles. We hope this top three will get you started, give you some fantastic bonuses to take advantage of, as well as ensuring you have lots of fun in a safe environment.

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